A native to a land of dreams, brought forth by a monk, who dreamed of having a son that would follow in his footsteps


THE FALLEN GOD CAMPAIGN Shin-Zuko, the best known monk in Anglaris, had a son who despised the way his father went about fighting. His father believe in mind over matter while his son believed in brute strength. Shin-Zuko was crushed that his son did not follow in his steps. He went to sleep one night, and woke up to find a young Kalashtar standing at the foot of his bed. A direct manifestation of his dreams, young Kanatash will one day be the best known monk, next to Shin-Zuko, in all of Anglaris.

THE REVELATIONS CAMPAIGN Born from the dreams of an old weathered monk, this virtuous, cynical being was part of the original party that took down The Dark One. Now the Faceless of war and justice, he over watches battles, and aids those who are fighting for things that are just.


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