When everything was nothing, six lawfull beings came into exsistence. These beings are known as The Faceless. Of course with the good comes the bad. Another being also appeared, but this one was of complete evil.This being is known as The Dark One. Both sides sought to create a world as they invisioned. The Faceless were going to make a world of peace and love, and The Dark One was going to make a world of chaos and evil. The two sides eventually were sick of the other side’s plot to create a world polar opposite of theirs. So they waged war against each other. To battle one another, they created weapons to compromise the others power. As the battle rage it went no where. Both sides decided to use the weapons as a last resort, knowing the power they held. But when the two weapons collide, the two weapons vanished and were sealed away in the world that was created. Since neither side won, this world that was created of good and evil.


Long after the world was created, when all races were finally melded and accepted, disaster struck. A race of otherworldly origins, the shadar-kai, were sick of being banned by The Faceless in this other dimension. They were sent here for being sick, twisted, and almost completely evil. But, being banned to another dimension did not help them in reforming their ways. Using their natural abilities and years of planning, they created a domino effect, by sending the drow out of the Underdark. The drow then send out looking for other places to call home. They invaded a place called Diro. Then Diro’s people went to Bentendara. Then Bentendara’s people went to Ribur and so on with the other places. Nobody was in their place of origin. Everyone felt out of place…


Twenty years after the war ended, there was little up-risings, but they were quickly put to rest. It seems more recently thought the threats seemed to get more agressive, and its been heard The Dark One has awoken from his slumber. Lord Lucyen, Sythetis, Kanatash, Omin, Solyn, Albrek and Nylos found the Dark One’s fortress in the other dimension(from which the shadar-kai hailed.). There was a single half-Elf there who escorted them on the way to the final battle. This being was Blight. He proved to be an essential asset to the team, as he had helped the party defeat the Dark One. All was fine with the world once again, until denial took over those who had fallowed the evil being…

The Arms of Creation